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    Mini Kitty Portable Printer

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    Product description

    This portable mini printer is perfect in size and very light so you can put it in your pocket or a bag, convenient to carry around and use it anytime, anywhere. It is equipped with an excellent quality print, with no need for ink cartridges or consumables. With its high quality resolution and convenience to quickly print different black and white images, it is an amazing helper for studying or working. It is also very easy to use and practical to operate and print all kinds of beautiful photos and pictures. This mini printer is an amazing tool to save your time copying notes and can assist you learning and improve studying efficiency. Keep your notebooks organized and pretty with this wonderful mini kitty printer!

    • Battery capacity: 1000mAh
    • Appearance size: 11.00*8.00*3.50CM
    • Product weight: 160g
    • Wireless distance: 5m and below
    • Operation mode: connect Bluetooth
    • Interface: 5V-MicroUSB
    • Packing list:
    A: Printer +1 roll of printer paper (non-sticky)
    B: Printer + 10 rolls of paper (non-sticky) + 5 pens
    C: Printer +5 non-adhesive paper +5 adhesive paper
    With 13Rolls: printer +5 rolls of printer paper (non-sticky) +5 rolls of self-adhesive paper (sticky) +3 rolls of colored paper (non-sticky) +5 colored pen              
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    Mini Kitty Portable Printer