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    Student Mini Pocket Printer

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    Introducing the Student Mini Pocket Printer – the perfect companion for students on the go! This compact and portable printer is designed to meet the printing needs of students, offering convenience and efficiency in a pocket-sized package. The Student Mini Pocket Printer boasts a lightweight design, making it easy to slip into a backpack or laptop bag. Its wireless connectivity ensures seamless printing from laptops, tablets, and smartphones, providing students with the flexibility to print assignments, notes, and important documents anytime and anywhere they wish!

    • Printing method: thermal ink-free black and white printing 
    • Battery capacity: 1200 mA 
    • Printing Paper: 57X30mm 
    • Connection method: Bluetooth wireless ink-free black and white printing 
    • Size: 8.6*8 * 4.2CM
    • Packing list: Printer*1 Data Cable*1 Instruction Manual*1 Printing Paper*1     
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    Student Mini Pocket Printer