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    Kawaii Chores Stickers

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    Add a touch of cuteness to your workspace with our Kawaii Work Stickers, featuring especially adorable girl illustrations. Perfect for personalizing your items, these stickers come in a set of 24 with a waterproof design, ensuring durability. Each sticker is approximately 4-4.5cm in size, making them ideal for various applications. Crafted from removable adhesive material, these stickers are easy to peel off without leaving unsightly traces, ensuring a seamless and stylish look for your belongings.

    Key Features:

    1. Adorable Girl Illustrations: Infuse your workspace with charm using these especially cute girl stickers, designed to bring joy to your daily tasks.
    2. Waterproof Design: The set of 24 stickers is waterproof, providing longevity and resistance to moisture for versatile use.
    3. Removable Adhesive: The stickers are made from removable adhesive material, allowing easy application and removal without leaving sticky residue behind, ensuring a clean and personalized touch to your items.
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    Kawaii Chores Stickers