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    Vintage Flower Pencil Bag

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    The Vintage Flower Pen Pencil Bag Wrap, model A6008, exudes elegance and traditional Chinese aesthetics with its original style. Adorned with intricate apricot, lotus, and crane designs, this storage roll pouch is a stunning representation of classic Chinese artistry. Its roll-up design not only adds a touch of vintage charm but also makes it incredibly practical for organizing and carrying various stationery items. The combination of functionality and beauty makes this pencil bag wrap an ideal accessory for school, office, or personal use, appealing to those who appreciate cultural art and organization.

    • Elegant traditional Chinese design featuring apricot, lotus, and crane motifs
    • Convenient roll-up design for easy storage and portability of stationery
    • Perfect blend of style and practicality, ideal for school, office, or personal use
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    Vintage Flower Pencil Bag