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    Minimalistic Pastel Color Humidifier

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    The 250ML Mini Air Humidifier is a compact and versatile addition to any personal space, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal. This USB-powered humidifier, with its mute operation, ensures a quiet and tranquil environment, perfect for use in the car, office, or bedroom. Its essential oil diffuser feature allows for adding a favorite fragrance, creating a soothing and personalized atmosphere. Despite its small size, it boasts a large spray capability, effectively moisturizing the air around you. Additionally, it comes equipped with an LED night lamp, providing a gentle and calming light, ideal for creating a relaxing ambiance. This humidifier is not only a practical solution for dry air but also a stylish gadget, enhancing your surroundings while promoting better air quality.

    • Compact and quiet design with a 250ML capacity, perfect for small spaces
    • Dual functionality as an air humidifier and essential oil diffuser
    • Includes an LED night lamp, adding a soothing ambiance to any room
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    Minimalistic Pastel Color Humidifier